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Fission Memes
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I'm gonna lay down my burden
TL;DR Meme
Becuse this is Metal Gear, tl;dr is canon.

It's been a while since our last headcanon/character analysis meme so-!

How is this going to work?
  • Start a thread with a character name in the subject, if there isn't already one there. (This can work for general topics, too.  Like "FOXHOUND," "SOP," or "Metal Gear REX")
  • You or others post to that thread!  With questions, with things you wonder about, things you want others' opinions on.  Anywhere from an anaysis of Big Boss's relationship with The Boss to smaller things like that "name three adorable headcanon facts" floating around plurk.
  •  Have an answer?  Go for it.  Agree/disagree?  Start up a discussion.  You don't need to play a certain character to talk about them, of course, and as always, remember to be respectful to your fellow FM-ers.
  • Alternately, if you're just in the mood to ramble, write as much or as little as you want and share the delicious tl;dr. :9
Now go forth, find a high place, and pontificate, you magnicient bastards.
4th-Jul-2011 02:24 am(no subject)
you put a gun in my hand
Writing Meme
because we like to do that here, right?

。 post each of your characters / a list of your characters
。 reply to others with at least one of their characters + a prompt

EX -

Kaz and EVA, noodles
Meryl, putting up a fight
Five times Rose lied to Jack and one time she told him the truth.
ETC. YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT PROMPTS ARE, come up with some good ones.

。 prompts can be MGS canon, FM canon, whatever
。 write something for the prompts you are given! No obligation, of course, this is for fun.
。 it can be anything. it can be a paragraph or two, it can be a ficlet, it can be one sentence. Hell, it could be a drawing or something if you want.
。 profit!

Now go come up with some better prompts than these examples. /o/
2nd-Jul-2011 01:00 am(no subject)
Drama Queen #1
Good day and welcome to the


Ordinary FM rules apply, as always! You may continue threads here at any time but you may not start new threads after August begins!

Your prompts for this month are "summer", "beach" and "water". Feel free to disregard these at your will!
1st-May-2011 02:16 am - Revivaaaal of the Meeeme!
W-well... uh...

1. MAKE SECRET. Examples of sekrits are heer
(Secrets can be IC, OOC, whatever, as long as they're about FM. IC is generally the most common.)
2. Plz2b making this secret smaller than 600x600 or Volgin will molest you
3. Upload it to a photo-sharing website like ImageShack or Tinypic.
4. Post the URL of the image here- not the image itself. Anonymous is best but all comments are screened.
5. ???

Submissions will end on the 7th of May.
24th-Apr-2011 01:10 am - ENABLE ME MEME!


Post as yourself (in either personal or character journals, it doesn't matter). Others can then proceed to offer suggestions as to whom in the MGS-verse they believe you'd be good at playing. Canon, AU, crack, the like. Feel free to offer reasons why! Nobody is bound to have to do any of these suggestions, but who knows? You might find yourself with a new muse at the end.
24th-Apr-2011 01:07 am - The Advice Meme


Or less of a meme and more of a "Help me out" kind of thing for the participants! It's simple enough. We're all nervous when apping a new character, and sometimes we come across things in our roleplaying we're not sure about. Sometimes too we get headcanon that we want to work out, or we just want to bounce ideas off of each other. This is where you can go to ask about that. Post either anonymously or openly, with the name of the relevant character in the header, and ask for opinions. It can be general, asking for tips on playing a specific character, or it can be specific, such as "Do you think *name* ever met *canonmate*?" or "How do you think *name* would react to meeting his friend after their death?". You can also offer headcanon here and ask people's opinions on it.

This covers AUs as well; people are welcome to ask and offer opinions on things such as how a character might change in certain circumstances, or what constitutes a well-made AU.

This meme might become either

a) recurring monthly, or
b) constantly open

Please feel free to offer opinions on which is best in the OOC post that you can find here.
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